Sky Subscription Card

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  • You can get a uk sky card without a uk address

  • pay monthly direct to sky with credit card or direct debit

  • choose any sky package you require

  • you can use your existing sky digi box

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This sky card requires a sky digi box and a satellite signal for the pay-per-view channels the fees or cost of this item is for the 1st years hosting (we arrange and maintain a uk address for this sky subscription and we call this hosting ) this fee is payable yearly in advance
when you receive your sky card it is important to remember that all correspondence or any changes you want or need to make are made with us and not with sky as that could result in your sky card being turned off your digi box being blocked and also your bank and or credit card from future use with sky subscriptions
when you receive your sky card it will require activating in your sky box (unless you have ordered a box from us  with this card then it is activated prior to dispatch) and your 1st months payment will be taken via your preferred payment method e.g. credit card also there will be a deposit taken at same time equal to your subscription this will be returned to you 12 months after activation via your preferred payment
it is customers responsibility to keep both contact and payment information up to date at all time during your subscription

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