IPTV Software Instructions

You will to change the portal settings on your mag box to try our IPTV service , in most cases you will not need to flash the box by following instructions in video on the right
how to flash  your mag 254 set top box
1st  download that zip file HERE and then extract it to your USB stick it should create a folder called ‘mag254’  with two files in it
Please Note: Not all brands of USB sticks work with MAG boxes. If possible use a Sandisk which we know works if you get any error messages  this will be why
Once this has been done, power the box off  by unpluging or turning off power completely and insert your USB stick into the back of the box.
now this next step you have to be quick with pressing the menu button
Power the box back on while holding the menu button on the remote to bring up a blue screen called the bios. Choose the options you see highlighted in the image below and it should continue to load the software for you.mag_flash_software