Set Top Boxes

The mag set top box is one on the best platforms to watch IPTV on

So its the one we recommend for our IPTV service , you can use your own mag box with our IPTV service or you can buy one HERE

Instructions for enigma and Zgemma HERE
You can now test our UK IPTV   service completely free !
we just need your mac address instructions and picture below
and you will need to enter our portal setting into your box
we will send portal information and instructions
send a message or picture of your mac via whatsapp for instant activation to +34 678813505
or  fill in the form on the right and
we will email you complete instructions and activate a 12 hour test
you will need your own IPTV set top box either a mag250 or mag254 or other set top box
Once you have your mac address simply fill in the form on the right
you can type it in the form like this 000000000000 12 digits in  total
or 00,00,00,00,00,00,00 or as it appears on box  00:00:00:00:00:00
but make sure you get it right as a mistake here will mean TV will not work
Mac address can be found on the base of your set top box
and looks like this  00:15:6F:10:60:99 click on image to enlarge


mag250 base mac address example


Mac address of your device

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