Pay Monthly Silver IPTV

12.00 / month with a 3-month free trial and a 36.00 sign-up fee


Sign up which includes 3 month subscription the  minium duration  , then pay monthly there after and cancel any time


Top Quality HD streams that can not be beaten
This a very versatile system  and can be installed on multiple devices
and taken anywhere , you can even watch TV via your phone on 3G
But you can only watch tv on one device at the same time with one subscription

WORKS ON ALL THESE DEVICES , IOS, Iphone , Ipad Apple TV . MAG 250 / 254 . ANDROID SYSTEMS , boxes ,phones . tablets , firesticks AND EVEN YOUR SMART TV
No satellite dish required only internet connection
VOD video on demand with 1,000’s of films to watch and growing daily
1900 PLUS Channel List
you can not find better IPTV  system


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