Satellite Guide

Here are a few satellite solutions complete with information ultimately satellite TV is by far the best option over internet both in terms of viewing  and also reliability but sadly this is not an option in some areas so if your lucky enough to be in an area where you can get a signal we recommend satellite, if you have any questions or need help please remember we can always be contacted for free advise non satellite solution here

Sky Cards & Subscription

The sky system is one of the best in the world with all the  easy to use menus &  functions it just can not be beaten
There are certain disadvantages particularly if you are using this abroad because you lose some of the best functions they being Iplayer and sky anytime you also lose the function  of remote recording and it can be expensive with the full package too
good news is you can get most of the functions back with a VPN even if you live abroad More info on VPN here

Intelsat907 27.5°W BBC

Satellite receivers in stock for this solution here
please note this is a short term solution & will  NOT last forever.
We recommend a 1mt- 1.2mt satellite dish for most of europe but you can receive the channels from this satellite with a 1mt dish in most areas but that is borderline and in bad weather might fail
below is a diagram of the direction these satellite dishes face compared with the Astra 28.2°E uk tv satellite this will give you an idea on suitable sites for installation , as you can see you could not install a dish facing 27.5°W on the same wall as the Astra 28.2°E due the angle which is about 90° and visa versa