Tutorial Smart TV Play List Upload

Its easy to get our premium IPTV service on your Smart TV

For best results use mozilla firefox on a pc

  1. step 1. go to the app store on your smart tv and search for SMART IPTV then install the app
  2. Once installed launch or start the app and on screen you will see a message displayed and the all
    important mac  address (see picture above)
  3. copy and paste in your m3u url we sent you into the fire fox browser and it will ask you if you want to save the file . click on save ( you can use any other device or browser but wont be able to download the file , will be saved in your downloads folder )
  4. Now from your pc using fire fox GO to the website http://siptv.eu/mylist/
  5. if used before enter mac in delete play list , click on capture and hit delete button to remove old list

now take a look at the image below and take a note of the red circles 6
iptv play list upload







  1. click on browse & navigate to your downloads folder and select the m3u file you downloaded then click open
  2. Enter in your unique URL we have given you in the link box http://?????????????
  3. Enter your mac of the TV 00:00:00:00:00:00 ??
  4. Select various and logo enable and  put a tick in I am not a robot then click SEND
  5. a message will be displayed telling you if you was sucessfull or not
For instructions to use the app on your TV go here
The app is only free to test for 7 days then it’s €5,5 from the app developer