UK free to air

UK free to air

For this we have two free options and this is because of the satellite signals , the main satellite for uk tv at 28.2°E is not available in all areas of spain so we also have the option to use   Intelsat907 27.5°W
an alternative option would be iptv that delivers both free and pay per view channles but requires a paid subscription more information on IPTV HERE

uk tv at 28.2°E

If you can receive this in your area in spain this is the best option for all the free to view uk tv channles which include :-
all the BBC  & ITV  and all your favorites that you had in the uk
The signal varies strong in the north to weak in the south so dish size also varies from 80cm in the north to a whopping 2.4m in the south
even with the high costs of a 2.4m it could still be worth while as it is the most reliable system with out the need for internet and so no continuing costs

In conclusion the area you live or want to live in is crucial for this system as it is not available in the far south of spain even with a 3m dish
For a guide on satellite dish installation prices see here

Good news is we have two other options Intelsat907 27.5°W and aslo IPTV

Intelsat907 27.5°W

This is a basic sytem relatively inexpensive & is available in the whole of spain & europe with a good srong signal
We recommend a 1mt- 1.2mt satellite dish for most of europe but you can receive the channels from this satellite with a 1mt dish in most areas but that is borderline and in bad weather might fail
it requires a special satellite receiver due to the high symbol rate and the fact that its encrypted with biss key
the codes for this are easily available on the internet
The main disadvange is the small amount of channles available :-

In conclusion this is a good system but with limits & the codes of the biss encryption could change making it useless although this is not likely
also the sattelite Intelsat907 27.5°W is due to be changed some time in 2021