UK Tv Spain

UK British Television Solutions In Spain

An in-depth Guide to Help You get television in spain
In 2013 the Astra satellite at 28.2°w was updated with new satellites for many expats throughout europe this meant big changes because the signal from this group of satellites changed
The solutions for UK TV in spain now are dependant on where  your located and also what channels  you want or need.
This can be split in to two groups FREE TO VIEW  and PAY-PER-VIEW.
Our UK IPTV could be the perfect solution to your viewing needs and it  does not matter where you are located our IPTV system works world wide


  • The PAY-PER view can be picked up  in most of spain with a 1.2mt satellite dish, All you need is a satellite receiver and a  subscription and for this there are 2 options  sky subscriptions and cardshare subscription  there are also non satellite options via internet like IPTV subscriptions and all are available from this website more details ABOUT SUBSCRIPTIONS HERE

Free -to-view (via satellite )

  • BBC, ITV, CHANNEL  4, FIVE,  etc and all the other  FREE TO VIEW including freesat package is a little more complicated because of the varying signal strengths from the UK Astra satellite  meaning different size dishes are required and in some areas the signal is too weak from the ASTRA satellite  which means other solutions  are needed them being IPTV and THE FREE TO VIEW BBC Package on the  Intelsat907 27.5ºW satellite  This is encrypted  using biss keys but you will find satellite receivers  HERE preprogrammed with these keys & channel list & more ready to go just need a small 1.2mt dish OR smaller  in most of europe see our GUIDE HERE  Then the alternative for free to view uk tv is internet either free streams that are a little  unreliable  or  IPTV more details about  IPTV HERE & more info about the BBC Package Intelsat907 27.5ºW HERE